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Hello there!

I'm Ashutosh Tiwari, a software enthusiast based in India, always on the lookout for exciting coding challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

A Bit About My Background

I'm a graduate of Chandigarh University, where I got my hands dirty with all things coding and software design. I've tinkered with languages and tools like JavaScript, Java, React, GCP, Android (and many more), building cool projects and gaining real-world skills along the way.

What Drives Me

I'm all about that "never stop learning" life. Whether it's diving into the latest tech trends, collaborating on open-source projects, or attending tech meetups, I'm always seeking new ways to level up my skills and share knowledge with fellow developers.

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My Career Vibes

My goal? To blend my love for coding with projects that make a real impact. I'm on the lookout for opportunities where I can bring my creativity, problem-solving chops, and passion for clean, scalable code to the table.

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